The Fair| Part II

Nothing overly exciting here, just sharing a few more photos from our time at the Great Darke County Fair! It has always been the perfect final “hurrah!” for summer and it didn’t disappoint this year. I (Morgan) am coming up on a good 6-8 years where I won’t know any names in the swine/lamb/goat or Jr. Fair building. We will have to wait for our friends’ kids… And only 5 more years till Hallie is a Clover Bud in 4H! Until then, we’ll just be spectators…

Some things you’ll see below: Hallie taking Uncle Jae’s hat (always her favorite thing to do with him), sister/aunt time, Abe Lincoln impersonator, and our annual tradition of the Demolition Derby with all of our favorite people.











Oven Baked Boiled Eggs


They say a watched pot never boils. I’m here to tell you that THIS mama has no time to watch water boil… So let’s talk about Oven Baked Boiled Eggs!

-preheat oven to 325F.
-place one egg in each pocket of your muffin tin.
-bake for 30 minutes.
-when finished, submerge your eggs into a bowl if ice water and ice for 10-15 minutes to stop the inner boiling process.

TA-DA! Now you have time to brush your teeth today. You’re welcome. 🙂


PS : special credit goes to my sister, LivLife for tipping me off to this.

The Great Darke County Fair: Part I

I find that, for me, Instagram has easily replaced my desire to blog. However, there are so many stories and photos that are never told because I’ve stopped the blogging process. No more! Welcome to my life WordPress App. 🙂 Follow along here for The Ingram Diaries from now on.

// we have enjoyed 4 days worth of the Darke County Fair and I’ve put some photos below. Highlights included seeing Bob + Eve declare their wedded love to one another in the Poultry barn and in doing so shared the love of Jesus Christ with everyone, baby cows, seeing our goddaughter, Bella, show a sheep, hanging out with our best friends and having Caleb’s mom and sisters join us for the fair!












Hey all! Welcome to our NEW family blog! This is where we will be sharing our stories and photos as we enjoy life with our Hallie-girl and life in this wonderful old farm house here in Ohio.


// The photos below show Hal wanting to try out some of Caleb’s dinner. She was loving the fork and moving his food around the plate, then !POP! the fork went right up to her mouth. Couscous mustache anyone? We love this silly girl for sure! //




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Hallie is a Foodie